Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! (^_^)

Merry Christmas!

May peace be with u. =D

Sunday, December 4, 2011

U Can Run, But U Can't Hide! (".)

Standard Chartered Marathon Sinapore 2011 @ Esplanade Bridge on 4 Dec 2011. =)

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run 2011 @ Esplanade Bridge on 4 Sep 2011. =D

Osim Singapore Triathlon 2011 @ East Coast Park on 30 Jul 2011. ^_*

Timex Tri-Factor Run 2011 @ F1 Pit on 17 Jul 2011. (",)

2011 Young NTUC Run 350 @ The Promontory @ Marina Bay on 17 Apr 2011. (".)

5 and final.

This far exceeded the target that I had set out at the start of the year - ONE. (^_^)

Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore will be the last for the year and probably for the next few years.

As I ran that day, I was wondering really hard why I had actually paid just to run. I vaguely remembered that I had wanted the finisher medal after each run, at the start of this running spree.

It got quite costly to run sometimes, ranging from $30 - 75 for each event. I could have run the same distance along the new My Punggol Waterway, for free. Pay to run? This notion certainly sounds strange.

Perhaps next year, we shall walk! Less strenuous. But The New Paper Big Walk now costs $32 as compared to the nominal $5 registration fee during my school days... =[

Walk or no walk? ("?)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 2011

P6 Graduation Tea Party on 12 Nov 2010. (".)

Presenting the calendar for the month of December! This is the last of the series and marks the coming end of 2011, in a month's time! ("o)

Congratulations to everybody for surviving your Sec 1 year. Hope this year has been as great as 2010 for u! (^_^)

Another new year, another new beginning. Wishing everyone another fruitful and meaningful year ahead! =D

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Photos)

6.2 20-Ten pesky kiddos. (>_<)
Early Dismissal: Valery & Jie Yi

Now u see them? ("!)

6.2 20-Eleven 'mini' pesky kiddos. (".)

6.7 20-Oh Nine Techno Juniors. =^_^=

6.7 20-Oh Seven Techno Seniors (^_^)

7 years, 5 classes, 1 place, every year. (".)

Started in Nov 2005 as a bonding time for the 5.1 pupils back then, this annual BBQ party has now become a regular year-end event on my class calendar, of whichever class that comes to me - 6.1 '06, 6.7 '07, 6.7 '09, 6.2 '10 & 6.2 '11. =D

The time, effort and money invested each year to organise this gathering is always worthwhile. There's no better way to celebrate the success that we have achieved together for the year or to reminisce the good old times of the past. ^_^

With the gradual increase in the number of kiddos, I am not sure how long this tradition can continue. Nevertheless, I hope everybody had had a jolly good time this year, again, especially with the 'inaugural' water fight between the classes of 2010 & 2011. Next year, there will be more 'bombs' for a more 'fulfilling' experience! (>_<)

Finally to our dear Joe, if we could turn back time, my reactions would still be the same. Unfortunately... ='[

Sunday, November 27, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Final Updates)

Date: 29 Nov 2011, Tue

Meeting Place: Anderson Primary School
Meeting Time: 8.48am

Attire: Beach wear only (Helmet optional, flip-flops recommended, leaf not provided)

Things to Bring:
1) Moments-freezing device (Highly recommended, though free photo-taking is provided)
2) Handphone & camera chargers (Never go on a trip without them)
3) An extra set of clothings (Two sets recommended for those staying over)
4) Toiletries such as towels, shower foam, toothbrush/paste etc. (U may arrange to share some items with your friends)
5) Sleeping bag from your P5 camp (Camping in an air-conditioned environment this time)
6) Frisbee, watergun/bomb, basketball, soccerball, PSP etc, as u deem fit
7) $6 for bicycle rental (An hour)
8) Rollerblades (No rental of rollerblades @ Aloha Loyang)
9) Tidbits (To prevent developing horizontally, please SHARE them with your friends)
10) 50-cent coins (Bring more if u want to play in the arcade)
11) Swimwears (Undies not recommended, black shorts maybe can)
12) Energy and enthusiasm (Please pack plenty of them with u)

For a fuss-free and more enjoyable staycation, please avoid bringing too many valuables.

House Rules:
1) Safety first (Anytime, anywhere, no further explanation required)
2) Keep the chalet clean at all times
3) Good conduct & mannerism in all situations

We'll together make this day a very very memorable experience of the year! =)

Partying is strictly by invitation only. (",)

UPDATES (as @ 27 Nov 2011, Sun, 8.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:
Guo Zhong, Pierre, Joe, Samantha, Ryan Lai, Mitchel, ShiHui, SiYing, Ryan Tan, Jingqi, Jie Yi, Cai Xuan, Joshua, Valery, Hilary, Ms Guo, Mdm Phua and me

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Update #1)

It's 5 days from now, and counting down to our 6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011! =D

These are the confirmed party animals who will be with us @ this annual event: Guo Zhong, Pierre, Joe, Samantha, Ryan Lai, Mitchel, ShiHui, SiYing, Ryan Tan, Jingqi, Jie Yi, Cai Xuan, Joshua, Valery, Hilary, Ms Guo, Mdm Phua, Mrs Soh and me. But I am sure there will be more come 29 Nov! (",)

Please meet @ Anderson Primary School on 29 Nov, Tue, @ 8.48am. There will be a school bus to take us all to Aloha Loyang. Alternatively, u may make your way there yourselves. From there, it's free-and-easy! =D U will need some extra cash for bicycle rental, arcades etc.

The return bus to APS will pick u up @ Aloha Loyang @ 9.30pm the same day for those who are not staying over.

U are only allowed to stay over with consent from your parents. Remember to preapre your toiletries & at least 2 extra sets of clothings. Swimming is only allowed with parental consent and under adult supervision. Only swim wear / or shorts is allowed, if u do not want an earful from the lifeguards. =O

A mini bus has been chartered to send those who stay over back to APS @ 10.38am on 30 Nov, Wed.

It will then perhaps be a "see u next year" or may just be the last Alumni BBQ. ='(

The subsidized cost is $19.99 per person, inluding Pizza lunch & BBQ food. This is to help me offset some of the expenses. The cost of organising this BBQ is approximately $800-$900, including chalet rental, food & transport.

Hope to see more of u there! =D

Friday, November 18, 2011

APS Prize-Giving Day 2011 =D

2010 APS PSLE Outstanding Performers. (",)

I forgot to mention that the outstanding performers in PSLE would be invited back to APS to attend the Prize-Giving Day the following year.

This is a form of recognition for your achievements in PSLE, even if u had missed the chance to in the school prelim exams.

I hope our P5 and P6 pupils would be motivated to do well in their PSLE too. ^_^

Congratulations once again to Zhi Hao, Jingqi, SiYing, ShiHui, Valery, Pierre, Gary, Guo Zhong and Ezekiel! (",)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Collage For Fun =D

This is how Valery named it when she emailed me these two collages. ^_^

Are u able to find yourself in any of them? Can u name when & where they were taken too? (".)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 2011

Do u know, this photo was taken on 18 Nov 2010, the last day of school last year?

We began this way, we ended the same way. Have we really turned back the time... (".)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011

Last year we bade goodbye, this year we say hello.

The long-awaited 6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party is here! Don't miss this rare opportunity to catch up with many of your ex-classmates at the very same place that held plenty of our fond memories at the same time last year! =D

This year's reunion will see only 6.2 '10 & 6.2 '11 on 29 Nov, while the techno junior & senior - 6.7 '09 & 6.7 '07 will come together on 28 Nov. ^_^

All members of this extraordinary class of 6.2 '10 are cordially invited! =D U are also welcomed to stay over with permission from your parents/guardians. I am just a phone call away! They can call me to confirm. =)

Why wait? Come join me and everyone else to relight the blazing fire of 6.2 '10! (",)

Reply, "I ish wanna WAHAHA! =D" now!

Event: 6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011

Date/Day: 29 Nov 2011, Tuesday
Time: 9.00am - 9.45pm

Venue: Aloha Loyang (Seaview Bungalow 2)

Meeting Point: Anderson Primary School

1) U may make your way to the chalet on your own.
By MRT & bus, check out the route here.
2) 6.2 '11 will be there too. =D

Fee: $19.99 per person (Price may be reduced depending on turn-out =D)
(Inclusive of lunch, BBQ dinner, bus transport to-and-fro, and photo-taking!)

Hurry! R.S.V.P. by 15 Nov 2011, Tuesday. =) Spread the good news! Hope to see many of u then! =D

More info will be updated in due course. Stay tune! =D

UPDATES (as @ 21 Nov 2011, Mon, 1.30pm)

Confirmed Attendees:
Guo Zhong, Pierre, Joe, Samantha, Ryan Lai, Mitchel, ShiHui, SiYing, Ryan Tan, Jingqi, Jie Yi, Cai Xuan, Joshua, Valery, Hilary

Possible Attendees:

Absent with Apologies:
Ying Ci (CCA Camp), Keith (CCA), Dorothy (Z-Factor audition), Zhi Hao (Camp)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October 2011

PSLE has started on 29 Sep this year, with HMT on 5 Oct, the final day of the examination.

Last year, PSLE started on 6 Oct. Does it actually feel like a year? ("?)

This photo was taken on the last week of school last year - 15 Nov 2010, Monday, and it became our very last class photo...

Friday, September 2, 2011

Teachers' Day 2011 ^_^

The infamous five of 6.2 20-Ten. >_<

Photo-taking genes at work. (",)

Jamie, Fion, Jingqi, Dorothy, SiYing, ShiHui, Jie Yi & me! =D

4 years ago, they graduated from APS. This year, they will graduate from their sec schs. How time flies! (".)
(L-R): Hazel, Jia Xuan, Junyong, me, Pavani, Kean Wah & Mr Justin. The techno seniors! =)

Where are the 6.7 'Oh! Nine kiddos? ("?)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 2011

It's September! I thought I better put this calendar up before Ying Ci is up in arms again. >_<

What were we doing this time last year? Busy preparing for PSLE?

This photo was taken on THAT DAY of Sep last year! Yes, THAT DAY! See the cute face on the cake? That's me. ^_^

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Carnival @ APS 2011

Formerly known as "APS Family Nite".

Come, come, come!

Come and turn APS upside down, or downside up! XD

P.S. With time to spare? APS alumni? Then join us as volunteers for this event! Only self-disciplined kiddos need apply. ^_^

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We Are Singaporeans! =D

I think I am quite patriotic. >_<

Singapore belongs to Singaporeans. We need to do more to defend our identity. (",)

Monday, August 1, 2011

August 2011

No, you are not seeing double.

This August calendar was taken during the Teachers' Day celebration last year, while the one in July was during the Children's Day celebration.

Look at how happy we were on both occasions. =(

Saturday, July 30, 2011

We Swim, We Run, We Cycle (".)

Osim Singapore Triathlon @ East Coast Park on 30 Jul. ^_*

This triathlon is a very unique change to our usual 10km run. We are 23rd out of 45 participating teams. Haha... Right smack in the centre, with 22 teams ahead of us and 22 behind. >_<

Coming up next, SAFRA Singapore Bay Run! =D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sip Kopi & Wriggle Toes Day! =D

Seen this before? Look again! (".)

This was taken earlier this afternoon, while the other was shot almost five months ago. ^_*

This time round, we have special guest appearance by Ezekiel! I was indeed surprised to see him today, the 1st time since graduation. >_<

Looking at the four of them reminded me of last year. After a turbulent day with the rowdy P3 and P4 kiddos in school today, how I wish all kiddos could just be like them. (".)

Jamie almost shook off my car door though, while Jing Qi was hit by some unknown laughing gas. Ezekiel remains as composed as ever and Cedric, as fine as an Englishman.

And time flies, it's only three months to the end of yet another academic year.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ready, Get Set, Run!

2011 Young NTUC Run 350 @ The Promontory @ Marina Bay on 17 Apr. (".)

Timex Tri-Factor Run 2011 @ F1 Pit on 17 Jul. (",)

With reference to point 4 of my new year's resolutions for the year, I am pleased to declare that I have completed two 10-km runs this year, and with two more, or possibly three, to come!

Osim Singapore Triathlon comes next on 30 Jul, Sat, @ East Coast Park. Together with me are Mr Justin, who will swim, Miss Guo, who will cycle, and yours truly, who will run! All for the pure joy of it and not to win. >_<

The other confirmed event in the pipeline is the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2011 on 4 Dec. The three of us will go on the 10km again. As of today, all the 10km run slots have been fully taken! Interested parties should register early next year. ^_*

I am still contemplating if I should participate in the 10km run of SAFRA Singapore Bay Run on 4 Sep. ("?) This means a total of five 10km runs within a year! =D

Friday, July 15, 2011

See Who I See ("?)

It's Hilarious Hilary! ^_*

I had long wanted to upload this photo. Finally, after four months.

I "met" Hilary @ an infocomm seminar organised by IDA @ Suntec City on 9 Mar earlier this year. I only realised her "presence" after Ms Suzannah nudged me and said, "Your Hilary Thean." (".)

It was also only then that it dawned upon me why she was away for some sort of "filming" for two days last year.

Not many people get a blog post dedicated to himself/herself here. Chie Yi was the first in January, and twice, somemore.

Not only did Hilary "leave behind" her voice in APS, now she takes a column in this blog too. (",)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Unseen Photos! ^_^

We ish there on 1 Feb 2011 @ McDonald's AMK Park. (".)

We ish here on 11 Feb 2011 @ Buddy Hoagies. (",)

These two photos were 'unearthed' from my HP just now. More to come (when I am free)! =D

Friday, July 1, 2011

July 2011

Time really flies! This is the 7th of the twelve calendars.

I can't believe that 2011 batch is taking their PSLE really soon! Then they will be gone, and another batch will come, and then gone again. I am getting numb. =S

P.S. Jing Qi, where are u? The calendars are still waiting for u on my table. ^_*

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cycling & Blading @ East Coast Park (Photos)

30 kilometres. That's the distance we cycled today!

From East Coast Park to Changi Coast Road and back, a feat accomplished together by Valery, Jie Yi, SiYing, Pierre, Ryan Lai, Dorothy, ShiHui & me on 9 Jun 2011! ^_^

The light drizzle in the morning which started from a heavy downpour the night before almost threatened to foil this great feat of ours. (".) The weather was surprisingly cool and breezy for our cycling expedition, much to our delight. Thanks to the overcast sky, the beach was not as crowded as it normally would have been during school holiday.

I must say it was also a very enjoyable cycling experience for me. Besides setting the 30km record, the one thing which I like was the camaraderie. All eight of us cycled together at a leisurely pace, stopping over at the 'flowery' tower (on the initiative of one of the kiddos) for sight-seeing, and a stopover at the PCN* Pitstop for a drink, and stopping here and there to wait for the rest to catch up. This is what a gathering is!

Of course, every gathering of ours is sure to be accompanied with a eat-drink-be-merry session, and this time, we were at C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe. =D

When will we meet next? When it happens next. (",)

*PCN stands for Park Connector Network

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cycling & Blading @ East Coast Park

Event: Bicycle Built for (6.)Two

Date/Day: 9 Jun 2011, Thu
Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: East Coast Park

Meeting Point: Anderson Primary School

Following the highly-successful reunion lunch which saw 19 kiddos during the March term break, 6.2 20-Ten's gathering is back!

If u are keen to go on a cycling/blading expedition to the east of Singapore, on top of our eat-drink-be-merry sessions @ McDonald's and a HK teahouse, reply, "I wanna ride my bi...cee..ker!", in the chatbox or by sms now! (",)

Suggested Itinerary:

9.30am - Assemble @ APS
10.30am - Arrival @ East Coast Park
10.35am - Brunch @ McDonald's East Coast Park
11.30am - Cycling and/or Blading
1.30pm - Tea Break @ C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe
2.15pm - Frisbee @ Beach
3.38pm - Home Sweet Home

Estimated expenses:

$5 - McBreakfast
$8 - Bicycle rental for 2 hours [Rollerbaldes could be more]
$4 - Teabreak @ C-Nai HK Cafe [Cost may be taken care of (".) ]
$1.80 - Large Slurpee from 7-Eleven
Total: Approx. $14.80 - 18.80


1) U may bring your own rollerblades, if any, to save the rental cost. Afterall, it's the company that matters. ^_^

2) Travel light. U don't want to be carrying a lot of barangs barangs while cycling/blading.

3) Parental consent is compulsory.

4) Bring a set of dry clothings.

UPDATES (As @ 5 Jun 2011, 10.45pm)

Confirmed Attendees: Valery, Jie Yi, SiYing, Pierre, Ryan Lai, Dorothy, ShiHui and me

Possible Attendees: -

Absent with Apologies: Ying Ci (Lousy camp), Guo Zhong (Bike too small), Jun Xian (Stoopig camp), Gary (Smelly camp), Jamie (Too flimsy), Keith (Pesky trip)

June 2011

We have reached the half-way mark!

Hope everybirdie is doing well in your secondary schools. (".)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 2011

It's May Day! How time flies! What were we doing back in MAy 2010? ("?)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Collection of PSLE Certificate

PSLE result slip - 272 (^_^)

All of u collected your PSLE result SLIPS on 25 Nov 2010, but to date, there are 16 of u who have yet to collect your CERTIFICATES.

The 16 kiddos are:
1) Alicia
2) Ying Ci
3) Nishtha
4) Shalleeni
5) Dorothy
6) Hilary
7) Valenia
8) Keith
9) Joe
10) Chester
11) Jun Xian
12) Yu Kang
13) Guo Zhong
14) Joshua
15) Ezekiel
16) Zi Qi

Please collect your CERTIFICATES by 21 Apr 2011, Thu, afterwhich, they will be handed over to URA for land reclamation of Pulau Semakau. Thank you. >_<

Friday, April 1, 2011

April 2011

Complete your collection with our class calendar for the month of April! (",)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6.2 2-Ten Reunion Lunch (Photos)

6.2 '10 @ Seoul Garden @ Marina Square on 16 Mar 2011

Will u still remember me tomorrow... =[

We were there. (".)

MBS and its magical bowl of wealth. =D

This is it.

The highly-anticipated never-to-be-repeated 6.2 20-Ten reunion lunch has come to a close on a full stomach in the afternoon today. (",)

This annual reunion lunch with the graduated class of the previous year has been a tradition since 2009, and happened only once with each class.

I hope the 19 piggies: Valery, Jie Yi, Pierre, ShiHui, Natalie, Jingqi, SiYing, Jamie, Zhi Hao, Jun Xian, Aaron, Cedric, Guo Zhong, Samantha, Yu Kang, Fion, Ying Ci, Mitchel, Ryan Lai, have enjoyed the scrumptious eat-all-u-can buffet lunch @ Seoul Garden. =D

Of course not forgetting the visit to the amazing magical bowl & the awesome bird's-eye view of our world-renowned casino @ MBS today. ^_^

See u kiddos in... when it happens again. =)