Friday, May 28, 2010

Japan Immersion Programme

Japan, here we come! =D

They could be easily mistaken as sisters. ("!)

Cute? =D

Briefing from Mdm Tan before setting off.

I was at Changi T3 to join in the fun of seeing this bunch of kiddos off to Japan. Their flight was at 11.45pm, and I saw Xuan Yun & ShiHui standing near Row 3 when I arrived at 9.30pm. They didn't see me though. XD

Yu Kang and his family appeared minutes later, to send his P4 brother off. Her mama said that she was not aware that P6 pupils could go, else Yu Kang would have been flying to Japan now. =(

I am sure the trip will be a fun and memorable one. (",)