Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6.2 2-Ten Reunion Lunch (Photos)

6.2 '10 @ Seoul Garden @ Marina Square on 16 Mar 2011

Will u still remember me tomorrow... =[

We were there. (".)

MBS and its magical bowl of wealth. =D

This is it.

The highly-anticipated never-to-be-repeated 6.2 20-Ten reunion lunch has come to a close on a full stomach in the afternoon today. (",)

This annual reunion lunch with the graduated class of the previous year has been a tradition since 2009, and happened only once with each class.

I hope the 19 piggies: Valery, Jie Yi, Pierre, ShiHui, Natalie, Jingqi, SiYing, Jamie, Zhi Hao, Jun Xian, Aaron, Cedric, Guo Zhong, Samantha, Yu Kang, Fion, Ying Ci, Mitchel, Ryan Lai, have enjoyed the scrumptious eat-all-u-can buffet lunch @ Seoul Garden. =D

Of course not forgetting the visit to the amazing magical bowl & the awesome bird's-eye view of our world-renowned casino @ MBS today. ^_^

See u kiddos in... when it happens again. =)


  1. The one at the MBS big bowl when she jumped up, revealing her cocunut head? Hahaha... =D

  2. Oi... At least can see me rite? XD

  3. Hahaha... I remember Ying Ci jumping with joy when she got her coin into the hole in the bowl xD

  4. So MRT, do you tink we kiddos can all gather at a specific day (maybe after SA1) and visit u?
    SYF is being held next Wed. Uber stressful...