Saturday, November 17, 2012

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2012

It has been 2 years but our memories in 2010 are still as fresh as ever. (".)

Our Annual 6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2012 is back and will be as saucy as ever! =D

These are the confirmed party animals who will be with us @ this annual event: Jie Yi, Valery, Alicia, Aaron, SiYing, Cai Xuan, Ryan Lai and Zhi Hao. But I am sure there will be more come 29 Nov! (",)

Please meet @ Anderson Primary School on 29 Nov, Thu, @ 8.48am. There will be a school bus to take us all to Aloha Loyang. Alternatively, u may make your way there yourselves. From there, it's free-and-easy! =D U will need some extra cash for bicycle rental, arcades etc.

The return bus to APS will pick u up @ Aloha Loyang @ 9.30pm the same day for those who are not staying over.

U are only allowed to stay over with consent from your parents. Remember to preapre your toiletries & at least 2 extra sets of clothings. Swimming is only allowed with parental consent and under adult supervision. Only swim wear / or shorts is allowed, if u do not want an earful from the lifeguards. =O

A mini bus has been chartered to send those who stay over back to APS @ 10.38am on 30 Nov, Fri.

It will then perhaps be a "see u next year" or may just be the last Alumni BBQ. ='(

The subsidized cost is $19.99 per person, inluding Pizza lunch & BBQ food. This is to help me offset some of the expenses. The cost of organising this BBQ is approximately $800-$900, including chalet rental, food & transport.

SMS me or RSVP in the chatbox with "I wanna party!" by 25 Nov 2012, Sun. Hope to see more of u there! =D

UPDATES (as @ 25 Nov 2012, Sun, 11.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:
Jie Yi, Valery, Alicia, Aaron, SiYing, Cai Xuan, Ryan Lai & Zhi Hao

Possible attendees:

Absent with apologies: