Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Photos)

6.2 20-Ten pesky kiddos. (>_<)
Early Dismissal: Valery & Jie Yi

Now u see them? ("!)

6.2 20-Eleven 'mini' pesky kiddos. (".)

6.7 20-Oh Nine Techno Juniors. =^_^=

6.7 20-Oh Seven Techno Seniors (^_^)

7 years, 5 classes, 1 place, every year. (".)

Started in Nov 2005 as a bonding time for the 5.1 pupils back then, this annual BBQ party has now become a regular year-end event on my class calendar, of whichever class that comes to me - 6.1 '06, 6.7 '07, 6.7 '09, 6.2 '10 & 6.2 '11. =D

The time, effort and money invested each year to organise this gathering is always worthwhile. There's no better way to celebrate the success that we have achieved together for the year or to reminisce the good old times of the past. ^_^

With the gradual increase in the number of kiddos, I am not sure how long this tradition can continue. Nevertheless, I hope everybody had had a jolly good time this year, again, especially with the 'inaugural' water fight between the classes of 2010 & 2011. Next year, there will be more 'bombs' for a more 'fulfilling' experience! (>_<)

Finally to our dear Joe, if we could turn back time, my reactions would still be the same. Unfortunately... ='[

Sunday, November 27, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Final Updates)

Date: 29 Nov 2011, Tue

Meeting Place: Anderson Primary School
Meeting Time: 8.48am

Attire: Beach wear only (Helmet optional, flip-flops recommended, leaf not provided)

Things to Bring:
1) Moments-freezing device (Highly recommended, though free photo-taking is provided)
2) Handphone & camera chargers (Never go on a trip without them)
3) An extra set of clothings (Two sets recommended for those staying over)
4) Toiletries such as towels, shower foam, toothbrush/paste etc. (U may arrange to share some items with your friends)
5) Sleeping bag from your P5 camp (Camping in an air-conditioned environment this time)
6) Frisbee, watergun/bomb, basketball, soccerball, PSP etc, as u deem fit
7) $6 for bicycle rental (An hour)
8) Rollerblades (No rental of rollerblades @ Aloha Loyang)
9) Tidbits (To prevent developing horizontally, please SHARE them with your friends)
10) 50-cent coins (Bring more if u want to play in the arcade)
11) Swimwears (Undies not recommended, black shorts maybe can)
12) Energy and enthusiasm (Please pack plenty of them with u)

For a fuss-free and more enjoyable staycation, please avoid bringing too many valuables.

House Rules:
1) Safety first (Anytime, anywhere, no further explanation required)
2) Keep the chalet clean at all times
3) Good conduct & mannerism in all situations

We'll together make this day a very very memorable experience of the year! =)

Partying is strictly by invitation only. (",)

UPDATES (as @ 27 Nov 2011, Sun, 8.00pm)

Confirmed attendees:
Guo Zhong, Pierre, Joe, Samantha, Ryan Lai, Mitchel, ShiHui, SiYing, Ryan Tan, Jingqi, Jie Yi, Cai Xuan, Joshua, Valery, Hilary, Ms Guo, Mdm Phua and me

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011 (Update #1)

It's 5 days from now, and counting down to our 6.2 '10 Alumni Reunion Party 2011! =D

These are the confirmed party animals who will be with us @ this annual event: Guo Zhong, Pierre, Joe, Samantha, Ryan Lai, Mitchel, ShiHui, SiYing, Ryan Tan, Jingqi, Jie Yi, Cai Xuan, Joshua, Valery, Hilary, Ms Guo, Mdm Phua, Mrs Soh and me. But I am sure there will be more come 29 Nov! (",)

Please meet @ Anderson Primary School on 29 Nov, Tue, @ 8.48am. There will be a school bus to take us all to Aloha Loyang. Alternatively, u may make your way there yourselves. From there, it's free-and-easy! =D U will need some extra cash for bicycle rental, arcades etc.

The return bus to APS will pick u up @ Aloha Loyang @ 9.30pm the same day for those who are not staying over.

U are only allowed to stay over with consent from your parents. Remember to preapre your toiletries & at least 2 extra sets of clothings. Swimming is only allowed with parental consent and under adult supervision. Only swim wear / or shorts is allowed, if u do not want an earful from the lifeguards. =O

A mini bus has been chartered to send those who stay over back to APS @ 10.38am on 30 Nov, Wed.

It will then perhaps be a "see u next year" or may just be the last Alumni BBQ. ='(

The subsidized cost is $19.99 per person, inluding Pizza lunch & BBQ food. This is to help me offset some of the expenses. The cost of organising this BBQ is approximately $800-$900, including chalet rental, food & transport.

Hope to see more of u there! =D

Friday, November 18, 2011

APS Prize-Giving Day 2011 =D

2010 APS PSLE Outstanding Performers. (",)

I forgot to mention that the outstanding performers in PSLE would be invited back to APS to attend the Prize-Giving Day the following year.

This is a form of recognition for your achievements in PSLE, even if u had missed the chance to in the school prelim exams.

I hope our P5 and P6 pupils would be motivated to do well in their PSLE too. ^_^

Congratulations once again to Zhi Hao, Jingqi, SiYing, ShiHui, Valery, Pierre, Gary, Guo Zhong and Ezekiel! (",)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Collage For Fun =D

This is how Valery named it when she emailed me these two collages. ^_^

Are u able to find yourself in any of them? Can u name when & where they were taken too? (".)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 2011

Do u know, this photo was taken on 18 Nov 2010, the last day of school last year?

We began this way, we ended the same way. Have we really turned back the time... (".)