Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cycling & Blading @ East Coast Park (Photos)

30 kilometres. That's the distance we cycled today!

From East Coast Park to Changi Coast Road and back, a feat accomplished together by Valery, Jie Yi, SiYing, Pierre, Ryan Lai, Dorothy, ShiHui & me on 9 Jun 2011! ^_^

The light drizzle in the morning which started from a heavy downpour the night before almost threatened to foil this great feat of ours. (".) The weather was surprisingly cool and breezy for our cycling expedition, much to our delight. Thanks to the overcast sky, the beach was not as crowded as it normally would have been during school holiday.

I must say it was also a very enjoyable cycling experience for me. Besides setting the 30km record, the one thing which I like was the camaraderie. All eight of us cycled together at a leisurely pace, stopping over at the 'flowery' tower (on the initiative of one of the kiddos) for sight-seeing, and a stopover at the PCN* Pitstop for a drink, and stopping here and there to wait for the rest to catch up. This is what a gathering is!

Of course, every gathering of ours is sure to be accompanied with a eat-drink-be-merry session, and this time, we were at C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe. =D

When will we meet next? When it happens next. (",)

*PCN stands for Park Connector Network

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cycling & Blading @ East Coast Park

Event: Bicycle Built for (6.)Two

Date/Day: 9 Jun 2011, Thu
Time: 9.30am - 4.30pm

Venue: East Coast Park

Meeting Point: Anderson Primary School

Following the highly-successful reunion lunch which saw 19 kiddos during the March term break, 6.2 20-Ten's gathering is back!

If u are keen to go on a cycling/blading expedition to the east of Singapore, on top of our eat-drink-be-merry sessions @ McDonald's and a HK teahouse, reply, "I wanna ride my bi...cee..ker!", in the chatbox or by sms now! (",)

Suggested Itinerary:

9.30am - Assemble @ APS
10.30am - Arrival @ East Coast Park
10.35am - Brunch @ McDonald's East Coast Park
11.30am - Cycling and/or Blading
1.30pm - Tea Break @ C-Nai Hong Kong Cafe
2.15pm - Frisbee @ Beach
3.38pm - Home Sweet Home

Estimated expenses:

$5 - McBreakfast
$8 - Bicycle rental for 2 hours [Rollerbaldes could be more]
$4 - Teabreak @ C-Nai HK Cafe [Cost may be taken care of (".) ]
$1.80 - Large Slurpee from 7-Eleven
Total: Approx. $14.80 - 18.80


1) U may bring your own rollerblades, if any, to save the rental cost. Afterall, it's the company that matters. ^_^

2) Travel light. U don't want to be carrying a lot of barangs barangs while cycling/blading.

3) Parental consent is compulsory.

4) Bring a set of dry clothings.

UPDATES (As @ 5 Jun 2011, 10.45pm)

Confirmed Attendees: Valery, Jie Yi, SiYing, Pierre, Ryan Lai, Dorothy, ShiHui and me

Possible Attendees: -

Absent with Apologies: Ying Ci (Lousy camp), Guo Zhong (Bike too small), Jun Xian (Stoopig camp), Gary (Smelly camp), Jamie (Too flimsy), Keith (Pesky trip)

June 2011

We have reached the half-way mark!

Hope everybirdie is doing well in your secondary schools. (".)